Stage 2

Stage 2

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Valid for all German sports car models: Petrol 

FROM £950.00 depending on model and downpipe set up

Audi: All RS models RS6 C7 C8 RS3 etc  | S models | Standard models

BMW: All M models M5 F90 M3 F80 M2 etc | M140i,240i,340i etc | Standard models

Mercedes: All AMG models C43 C63 E63 etc | Standard models

Porsche: All models 991 997 Cayenne Macan etc

VW: All models Golf R etc | Standard models

What's included in our Stage 2 tuning:

  • Engine software calibration 
  • Speed limiter raised
  • Downpipe or full exhaust fitted 
  • Sports air filter fitted
  • Exhaust note adjusted if requested (Pops and bangs in Sport/Sport+mode)

Optional: at additional costs of £500.00

  • TCU | DSG | PDK software calibration 
  • Torque limiter raised
  • Faster shifts in all modes
  • Shift pedal response 
  • Clutch pressures raised