Porsche Servicing

Porsche Servicing

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Annual Maintenance or Every 10K Miles:

  • Vehicle Inspection
  • Read fault memory every inspection/service
  • Change engine oil and filter
  • Update or replace maintenance items based on inspection

The following maintenance items to the annual service, based on the time or mileage intervals shown below:

Additional Maintenance Every 20K or 2 Years:

  • Replace brake fluid
  • Replace cabin pollen filter

Additional Maintenance Every 30K or 3 Years:

  • Replace air filters

Additional Maintenance Every 40K or 4 Years:

  • Replace spark plugs (Petrol models)

Additional Maintenance Every 60K or 6 years:

  • Replace PDCC reservoir
  • Replace drive belt
  • Replace all-wheel drive controller oil (4wd)
  • Replace PDK clutch fluid

Additional Maintenance Every 120K or 12 years:

  • Replace manual transmission fluid (if applicable)
  • Replace front differential oil (4wd)
  • Replace PDK transmission oil