General Remapping prices

 ECU Remapping for all German Sports Car brands

(All Mercedes-AMG models, Audi RS models, BMW M cars, Porsche 911s, Macan, Panamera, Cayenne).

Stage 1: £500-£750 (Dyno not included)

Stage 2: Request prices 

Stage 3: Request prices 

ECU Remapping for all standard petrol and diesel models:

Stage 1: £300-£500

Stage 2: Request prices 

Custom software solutions:

Mercedes transmission TCU and DCT software mapping: Request price

BMW transmission TCU and DCT software mapping: Request price

Porsche transmission TCU and PDK software mapping: Request price

VAG transmission TCU and DSG software mapping: Request price

DPF Solution: From £250-£500

OPF/GPF Solution: From £250-£500

Crackle map/ pops and bangs: From £250-£500

Dyno session require booking and requested for stage 1.

For stage 2 and 3 dyno is always used to map the vehicle.

Speak to one of our software calibration engineer to discuss the best option to enhance the performance of your car.

Call: 0208 226 6946